At Abissnet, we are committed to providing fiber-optic, fast, sustainable, and economically affordable internet service to all our customers. We are not just an internet company but a massive community of users. Our “Refer a Friend” program is our Abissnet community outreach program. When you refer a friend to Abissnet, you help another person find a fast and quality internet service and get a month’s free internet service as a referrer.

How does it work to refer a friend?

You tell your friend about
Abissnet and suggest
they take our service.

They select
''I was referred'' and enter
your address

You earn
a whole month of
free internet

Don’t keep the secret to yourself—help your friends and family change to Abissnet and take advantage of the internet at speeds of up to 1 Gbps and
dedicated service 24/7. Apply and benefit!