Abissnet - The game-changing internet!

In Abissnet, the internet is more than a connection—it’s the tool that helps you excel and achieve your goals. We are pioneers in the Internet industry in Albania and offer fantastic speed, uncontainable stability, and an exceptional Internet experience. Our dedication to customers is essential, and we are always here to provide personalized support. Join us and experience the distinction of our Abissnet-web services that give you more than ever!

Abissnet - A network built for the future!

At Abissnet, we are committed to building a solid network that meets future demands. Using the latest technology and ongoing investment in infrastructure, we create an advanced connection that enables you to explore, grow, and enjoy digital advancement. With a clear vision and the intent to deliver exceptional quality, we develop our network to meet your expectations and the significant challenges of modern communication. Fantastic speed and perfect stability are just some of the attributes that make our internet services stand out.

At Abissnet, we are committed to improving your experience. Through personalized support and a specialized team, we are always here to help you and ensure an endless internet experience. We are aware of your needs and work to provide you with appropriate and innovative solutions.

So, join us and experience a network built for the future. Abissnet – the change that brings you the next connection!

Abissnet - We grow with you!

We are proud to now have shops available in several cities of Albania to draw closer to you, our dear customers. We understand the importance of physical presence and the opportunity to meet and talk to you.

Our Abissnet stores are conveniently located to respond to your internet, telephony, and television-related needs. Currently, our stores are located in Tirana in:

In Tirana: Former Block, Kombinat, Astir, Laprakë, Durres Street, Bardhyl Street, Fresk, Ali Demi, Kamëz. In the districts: Tirana, Durres, Kumanovo, Golem, Fier, Saranda and Korca.

These stores are the ideal places to answer any questions or requests about the Internet, landline, and television.

Each Abissnet store offers a pleasant and convenient environment in which to meet with our experts and find the best solutions for your needs. Our staff will provide you with the right help and advice, instructing you in choosing the internet plan, phone packages, and television services that best suit your preferences.

Founded in 1998 by Koço Kokëdhima, “Abissnet” is one of the largest alternative operators in the Albanian telecommunications market, with a broad reach in Tirana and a presence in the cities of Durres, Kavaja, Golem, Lushnje, Elbasan, Fier, Korca, Vlora, Shkodra, Kamaz, Kumanovo, etc. We are close to our customers to provide the best internet, television and landline services.

“Abissnet”, currently owns the largest home-based fiber optic network, and it is becoming the operator with the most significant number of residential fiber-optic customers. The services and speed that “Abissnet” offers are stable, quality, and have the most competitive prices, making “Abissnet” the only choice for fast internet in Tirana and everywhere.

“Abissnet”,since its inset, has been a preferred company not only for residential customers who have been numerous in internet service but has also been a trusted supplier to institutions and corporations, which have entrusted Abissnet with their internet solutions. This trust has been valued by providing a high-quality service and meeting all their requirements.


ABISSNET is the company’s trade name, which was formed from the initial letters of the long trade name “Albanian Business Internet Service and Solution Network.”

In 1998, ABISSNET started its activity as the first ISP in Albania (Internet Service Provider) with local activity in the city of Tirana when it received its first license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Office for the provision of Internet service. Before Abissnet, only a few dozen or so Albanians knew about the Internet. Soros’ foundation had equipped a handful of institutions with the Internet. Abissnet became one of the societies that revolutionized telecommunication services through a new creative spirit in technology.

When “Abissnet” started its activity, a foreign company supplied it via satellite internet at stratospheric prices: for 20 mgb/sec download and 2mgb/sec upload, abissnet paid about USD 20 thousand per month. The development that “Abissnet” dictated in the market has the appearance of a revolution:

Today, family packages 100/10, 200/20, 500/30, and gigabits are offered at prices from 13 to 25 euros per month.

In the following years, ABISSNET developed by investing in an extensive backbone network and by adding capacity through international connectivity and network construction to Podgorica, Montenegro, in 2004, thus becoming one of the largest operators in this market, offering advanced broadband services and high speeds of optimal quality internet. In a very short period, ABISSNET extended to the most important cities of the country: Shkodra, Durres, Fier, Kavaja, Lushnje, Vlora, Korca, Bilisht, Elbasan, Gjirokastër, Lezha, Krujë etc. With the continued expansion, there was also the need to have a wider reach by installing the telecommunication network in other cities of the country.